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6 Life-Changing Reasons You Should Be Using Natural Shampoo

April 30, 2020

6 Life-Changing Reasons You Should Be Using Natural Shampoo

The sad truth is that most drugstore brands selling shampoos and other beauty products don't have any values for your health, animals, and the environment. Their only aim is to make money with you. We at GloCrazie value our ethics and our promise to not only make you beautiful but also nourish your body's well-being and overall health. 

To show you how serious we are about informing you about the difference between regular and natural shampoos we revealed some life-changing reasons why you should stop using commercial brands and switch to our natural hair products.

1. Parabens mess with your hormone system

The reason commercial shampoos put parabens and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives in shampoo is that it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. These properties in parabens stop the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. Sounds good, right? Well, not really. The fact is that they are natural products like coconut oil or tea tree oil that have the same antibacterial and anti-fungal properties while having none of the side effects. And trust us the side effect of parabens and other preservatives are not to joke with! The list goes from cancer to reproductive toxicity, in both men and women, and endocrine disruption, because of the terrifying fact that parabens are able to mimic the hormone estrogen. If endocrine disruption doesn't sound bad enough for you to keep your hands off from buying standard shampoo let me explain to you what exactly endocrine disruption means. The endocrine system is vital for your body's development but chemicals like parabens interfere with it because they let your body think it's a hormone. And the list of the dangerous outcomes goes on; immune function, respiratory diseases, diabetes, obesity, neurological disabilities, various forms of cancer including breast cancer and even decreasing sperm quality and fertility. 

2. Nitrosamines are linked to cancer

Another one of the nasties you will find in standard shampoo are nitrosamines. You probably never heard of it because they don't want you to know about it. Thankfully we at GloCrazie do our research and guarantee you only the best organic and healthy beauty products! Not only the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated that nitrosamines are responsible for cancer in humans but even the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the U.S. National Toxicology Program agreed that nitrosamines cause cancer among other diseases. As if that's not enough reason to switch to natural hair shampoo, nitrosamines also accumulate in the liver and in the bladder causing chronic toxic health effects. I mean come on, Nitrosamines are even banned to use in Canada! 

3. Sulfates

Let me ask you a simple question: Would you pour petroleum on your head? 

Probably not, and still, you are doing it without knowing; drugstore shampoos contain Sulphates which are derived from petroleum. This is a problem for the environment because making sulfates creates a huge amount of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, Sulfates cause irritation in your eyes, mouth, lungs, and on your scalp. Moreover, sulfates fill up your pores which induces acne. We at GloCrazie not only care about your health and your beauty but also about the environment and that is why all our products are sulfate-free.

4. Commercial shampoos cause irritation and allergic reactions

Shampoos are loaded with toxic chemicals that will cause irritations on your scalp and hair damage. Signs of irritated skin and allergic reactions are itching, flaky skin, redness, and pimples and that doesn't look good on anyone. Beauty products like shampoo and conditioner are meant to make you beautiful and healthy and not cause annoying irritations. Furthermore, the unnatural perfumes in drugstore shampoos induce asthma symptoms, like coughing and sneezing, and skin rashes, inflammations, eczema, and worsen symptoms of psoriasis.

5. Healthy hair is magnificent hair

Good natural shampoos like our GloRegrowth Shampoo and conditioner are full of proteins, vitamins, essential oils, and fruit extracts. Obviously natural shampoos are free of any toxic chemicals like the above-mentioned nitrosamines, parabens, and other harmful ingredients like the regular shampoos. Natural shampoos allow your hair to repair, grow, and be nourished by essential oils and other natural-derived goods. Another main problem with drugstore shampoo is that it causes a dry scalp which not only is unhealthy but also looks unhealthy. Especially for people with sensitive skin it is important to avoid the harmful chemicals found in regular shampoo and switch to natural alternatives that nourish the scalp and hair follicles.

6. For the Animals & the Environment


Sadly in our world, most drugstore brands still use animals for testing their products because even they know that their ingredients are toxic. However, we don't need to test our products on innocent animals because we only use plant-derived, natural ingredients. The dangerous chemicals from regular shampoos are not only unhealthy for humans but even destroy our environment when they are washed down into the sink and stream into rivers, lakes, and finally into the ocean. Our natural products don't require the need for fertilizers and pesticides and therefore are much better for the environment. Isn't it great that with just one purchase you are making a difference not only to your own body's health but also for the animals and the whole planet? 


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